Our Mission

To build abilities of children with disabilities to maximize their potential and enjoy improved quality of life

Our Vision

We envision a society in which children with disabilities and their parents are fully included in society and realize their abilities

Shared Values

Teamwork, Integrity, Innovation, Respect and Trust

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About Us

3 Stars Rehabilitation initiatives is a team of dedicated Disability specialists with clinical, training and community Based Rehabilitation skills. 

The team has competence   in delivery of rehabilitation services to children and young persons with disabilities both in refugee settings and host communities of Uganda. 

We work with Refugee led organizations (RLOs) and other players to reach children with disabilities in need of rehabilitation interventions targeting refugee settings and host communities in Uganda

Moses Kiwanuka

Moses Kiwanuka

Programs Coordinator

Lastest Activities

We are equipped with specialists who screen, assess and plan individualized rehabilitation interventions for children with disabilities. 

Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities

Children with Disabilities in rural communities lack access to rehabilitation interventions that can transform their lives.

Building capacity of parents in management of children with Disabilities

Care for children with disabilities is most times, is challenging given the fact that parents

Facilitating formation of Parent support groups

Is a strategy applied to elevate advocacy and lobbying spirits of parents so as to champion the needs of their children.

Community Awareness on detection of impairments and Prevention.

In order to fight prejudice and social stigma associated with Disability community sensitization

Networking and Collaboration

Working with other players to reach out to children with disabilities is paramount. We strive to create as many as we can

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